Instant Trading on Chain

Decentralized Exchange Incubated by BITMAIN

Smart Contract

"Your funds are secure"

- A Promise from the Code

Your deposits directly go to the smart contract, and your orders are signed by your private key. The smart contract ensures that your orders are executed or expire correctly and that withdrawals from your balance always go back to your wallet. has no custody of or access to your funds, nor your private key. It is just a service of order matching and a source of liquidity. Don't trust the words - read the code.

Security Audited by HackeroneChainSecuritySentinel Protocol.


Instant Trading

Order placing, canceling, matching and executing are all instant - no waiting for blockchain confirmation. It is made possible by our RoC (Replayed-on-Chain) mechanism: trading actions are confirmed on the off-chain ledger of at first, and then asynchronously sent to the blockchain for settlement. The action sequence will be "replayed" by the smart contract to produce exactly the same trading history.


Less Gas, More Features smart contract is heavily optimized for gas cost efficiency. It uses bit-compaction to minimize the amount of input data and the size of contract state. It supports batch processing which can significantly reduce the amortized gas cost of trade execution (see our gas cost chart). No gas cost for unfilled orders.
Cost reduced, not the features - smart contract supports Hard Order Cancellation, Checked Order Expiration, Fee Rebates and much more.